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Orphan Care

Orphan Care Vertical Cuff

This Orphan Care Vertical Cuff is available for purchase online for $33.00 (includes shipping to the Continental U.S.) here. With your purchase of this bracelet, you are doing more than just buying a piece of jewelry; you are empowering sons and daughters of Jesus to rise out of material poverty through dignified work, keeping children out of orphanages, and preserving the families that God has created. You are also benefiting the Orphan Care Ministry at Harvest Rockford. 


 Here's how the bracelet comes together:

  • The drawstring bag is made in Kenya through Mercy House
  • The leather cuff is made in Haiti through HAITI MADE, a business initiative owned and governed by the Hands and Feet Project. 
  • The ceramic piece is made in Birmingham, AL through Compelled Designs.

You can read more about the process here. Thank you for your purchase! 

Adoption Assistance Fund 


  1. Member of Harvest Bible Chapel of Rockford
  2. Completed home-study

Our priority for financial assistance will go towards those adopting special needs children, minority children, sibling groups, or children over two years old. However, we are willing to take applications from anyone adopting and will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. Your application may be discussed with certain Harvest leadership. You may be asked to have an interview with a financial deacon, elder, or marriage counselor upon the recommendation of the adoption assistance team. Financial assistance is not guaranteed to all applicants.

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All gifts given to the adoption assistance fund go towards the general adoption fund and are allotted to families based on the requirements and priorities listed above 



Adoption Tax Credit

Follow this link for information regarding the U.S. Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Grants

These grants are not sponsored by or funded by Harvest. Instead they are a list of potential resources that others have used seeking financial assistance.




For general inquiries regarding orphan care at Harvest, please contact Jamie Opperman.
For questions regarding your financial assistance application, please contact Doug Warren.